Local Events

How to Choose a Local Event Nearest to You


How to Choose a Local Event Nearest to You

1) Find something that interests you. There are a number of local events happening all the time. Figure out which one peaks your interest more. It can be a show. It can be a race of some kind. It can be a wine and beer festival. It can be a flea market. It does not matter. Pick something that speaks to your soul and learn more about it.

2) Is it cheap? Is it free? Is it expensive? Money is the number one issue for many people. Many people are broke these days, myself included. Some of us do not have the resources to go to many of the events that get advertised. Some do not have the transportation to get there. Which is why finding something nearby and free is important. I will not go to an event here in Daytona unless it is free. I just do not have the money that others have.

You can still have a good time at a free event. Free events are one of the biggest draws for some folks out there. Some people opt not to go to an event they like because it is not free. Saying something is free sells more tickets.

3) How far away is the event? Most people do not like to travel out of their way for an event, especially one they like. This goes for those who do business travel too. The only reason they go is because it is part of their job.

Factor in the time it will take to get there, this includes gas mileage and parking. Some events are not worth it for the travel and some are. Convenience is a big incentive these days.

What incentives motive you to attend the current local event in your town?